Monday, August 2, 2010



Albert Einstein said it, now others say it's true!
Here is our little planet! A bright little ball of blue.
It's floating in a universe which, seemingly, never ends,
But here's the really startling bit...... it's a universe which bends!
I find it hard to credit, and, for sure, the proofs seem few,
But people, cleverer than me, say that it is true!
However, they're not certain which way the bending goes.
There are several choices as the following image shows.

The opinions  at the moment seem to favour number one.
But no-one can really prove a thing when all is said and done!
Picture us in a large balloon, but one without an end...........
Sorry! Lesson over! I give-up, my friend!

(An Acrostic)

Like a lake of lavender
All the way to the sky.
Vast, vast swathes of lavender
Each way one casts ones eye.
Near to us and far away
Delighting heart and mind!
Ecstasy ! For all our senses!
Rapture, florally designed. 


Jeanne Estridge said...

Very good! Nothing like a little rhyming to bring a complex physics concepts into realms of understandability.

00dozo said...

"Bending" was fun and great! ;-)

"Lavender": Nicely done! (Beautiful painting, too).

Everyday Goddess said...

I love contemplating the universe and a field of lavender!

I gave you one of my weekly Goddess Awards which you can collect anytime you want.

SmilingSally said...

I don't believe we've had a complex problem explained in BLUE poetry before. Good job!

Happy Blue Monday, Riet.

CiCi said...

Congrats on POTW on the Goddess's blog. Did you paint the picture with all the lavender? Lovely.