Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Seasoned Year.



If seasons could be endless which one would you choose:
Which could you live with forever and which would you refuse?
"They can keep the Winter" do I hear you saying?
May you're too past it for the snowballs and the sleighing.
But could you live without the cosy fire  to warm your toes?
Surely you'd miss the hot toddies and the stylish Winter clothes!
In Summertime we get too hot and sweat runs down our faces
And little stingy insects make us itch in awkward places!
Ah, but think about the beach, and the suntan on your nose!
Surely you'd miss the glorious sun, and the stylish Summer clothes!
In Autumn there's a dying feel that really gets us down
And the fallen leaves aren't colourful, they're just a soggy brown.
But what would a world without the Fall be like do you suppose?
You'd miss the the harvest bounty, and the stylish Autumn clothes!
In Springtime we get hay-fever and cough and sniff and sneeze;
We suffer from the pollen blown from all the flowers and trees.
Ah, but think of the rising sap, the bluebell and the rose!
You'd surely miss the butterflies, and the stylish Springtime clothes!
A one-season world! Imagine the same clothes all the year!
Get rid of the changing seasons? All women say 'No fear!'


If you are  going to do it, do it well!
If others scoff and titter what the hell!
Though your hair is surely greying,
If your hips are keen on swaying
And a nifty band is playing
You'll feel swell.

If you have still got rhythm let it rip,
While there's still a handsome gentleman to grip.
You can pick a four-leafed clover,
You can dance the Bossa Nova,
And feel pretty good all over!
What a trip!



Brian Miller said...

having been in florida where the seasons are not as much swing, i am glad for my seasons, for change i think each one of them brings something for the table....dont think i could settle on just one....

Mary said...

You have managed to capture well the upsides and the downsides of all seasons, none of them endless but perhaps just long enough! True about the clothes...

Peggy said...

Oh yes so many would miss all those seasonal clothes for sure! I love the way you brought out what would be missed in each season! Thanks for responding to my prompt!

Carrie Van Horn said...

Love the way you pointed out the good and the bad....something we should always remember....there is always a plus side to things we do not like. :-)

Helen said...

Your rhymes are pure magic ...

Margaret said...

I always feel happier when I visit you and your poems! Loved both!

Mary B. Mansfield said...

A fun take on the seasons prompt, so true about the clothes! Love the second poem, hope I have that kind of energy at that point in my life...actually, I wish I had that kind of energy now! Very nicely done!