Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hidden Thread

The Wordle 


We are asked to use all the words in the Wordle.


There is thread which winds it way
Through every family tree
And that's the thread of surnames
Which are plain for all to see.
But they're the surnames of the men
The women disappear.
Oh you can find them if you search
But they're not immediately clear.
Like a silver thread the men's names run,
Back through the centuries
Revealing where the power has lain
And where the power still is.
It was a way of thinking
Tied up with biology.
Women's bodies damaged them,
They were bound by maternity.
Childbearing was their single  task
They gave birth just like cattle
Not for them heroics
Of men involved in battle.
As for the single women
They counted even less;
Why record a person
Who was only a governess?
Today our lives are different
We are not so trussed and bound
We wish that this were only true
Within the world round.


"The number you've reached is no longer in service;"
All you are left with is your deep regret.
For far too long you forgot to remember,
And now you are wishing that you could forget.....
Back then, in the old days, her voice was like music,
Then rancour and bitterness reared up between.
The days turned to months and the old world kept turning
And only vague heartache recalled what had been.
'One day' you would say, 'I'll remember her number.
One day' you would say 'I'll just give her a call'.
But one day, alas, very soon became hundreds
And now you are speaking to nothing at all. 

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