Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Stretching for ever
Only a mirage ahead

Never-ending sand.


Gosford is on the Central Coast in the state of New South Wales.
And we moved there nearly thirty years ago.
We had a mid-life crisis and we purchased a motel
A foolish move, but how were we to know.
Gosford is nearer Sydney , it's a dormitory town,
But it has a lot to offer as we found.
We lost a lot of money but we made a lot of friends
And we still go back at times to look around.
The area is hilly but water is the theme
As it lies between a large Lake and the Sea,
And we'd have loved our lives there had everything gone right,
But, sadly, our success was not to be.
A view of the area showing lake and ocean.
The town nestles in the hills.
The surrounding countryside is attractive.
The marina is a feature.
The Town Centre.

Fishing in Brisbane Water.
(Which has nothing to do with Brisbane City!)

The ocean beaches are popular.

The Japanese Garden at East Gosford.

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