Monday, November 26, 2012

Too Much Swooning

(We were asked to use all the word in blue)


The lake lay still beneath the moon
And all of nature seemed to swoon.
The scent of flowers filled the air
The wild birds skimmed the water there.
I watched the trees sway left and right
And held my breath  to watch the sight.
My mood was so intense and deep
I tripped and fell all of a heap!
I really thought it was the end
But, luckily, I'm on the mend!
(I couldn't manage load or fleck!
I bet I get it in the neck!)


I sit up in my citadel,
And look down with disdain.
I send you wind when you want calm,
And heat when you want rain.
I play my games with the lot of you;
I raise your expectations,
And then I fill your silly lives
With awkward situations.
You are the pieces on the board
Of my great game of chess;
You are but pawns, for all your pleas
For wisdom or success.
For some time now I have been bored
With my repetitious games;
Tired of seeing simple floods
And forests burnt by flames.
'Ho hum' I say 'Another drought,
Another storm of ice'.
I ponder long to bring to mind
Some novelty device.
So now, the best game ever!
This one is really rich!
When you wake up tomorrow
You'll find I've made a switch!
I've decided to swap them over...
The sky and the rolling sea!
Tomorrow morning both will be
 Where the other used to be!
When you look up an ocean
Will be rolling over your head.
When you look where the sea was
There will be space instead!
Oh what a great calamity
I am about to present!
You'll, loudly, beg me to change my mind
But I will not relent.
Why should I listen to your cries,
When all is said and done?
You are only flesh and blood
And I'm having too much fun.

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