Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Winter of the World


The winter of the bleak.
A phrase to chill the soul
A time, maybe, when greed and sloth
Finally take their toll.
A time when the world spins slowly,
A time when the stars grow dim,
A time when only the dregs are left
Where once we were filled to the brim.
We speak of heat devouring
Our green and pleasant lands
We dread an era in which we're gripped
By harsh and fiery bands.
But, somehow, a  death by winter
Seems ultimately bad
The world spinning like an iceberg.........?
Could anything be more sad?


Amid the recent jollity of a happy Halloween,
With all the laughing children having fun,
With the pumpkins and the witches and the skeletons and ghosts,
And the parties where it's fun for everyone......
I think we should remember other children in the world
Who are living in such awful situations,
Where parents sew their lips together, or go on hunger strikes,
Taking part in almost hopeless demonstrations.
'We are the world' we used to sing, but is that really true?
Did the lyrics ever capture the duality?
This pumpkin is a symbol of the 'us' and of the 'them',
Our world or theirs? And which is the reality?


Margaret Gosden said...

So, an ice age cometh, a natural end to what we know, not due to global warming, just the way it will be anyway? We won't be here for that, nor our children's
children. It is sad, indeed. But, then, one day, it will all begin again. And we will be the subject of archeologists, examining our relics, our bones and
peculiar structures that managed to survive! But, before that, you will see NOVA describing in vivid
detail the last superstore, hurricane Sandy, which I
saw last night already!

Vaishali Jain said...

What a poem! I have given quite a lot of thought to this and I agree with Margaret when she says, " It is sad, indeed. But, then, one day, it will all begin again."

But it's sad, nonetheless. All that we do will be forgotten... eradicated. And we'll have to start everything from scratch, if we exist i.e.