Saturday, November 3, 2012


We are asked to use the words in blue.


These days when I see lovely shots
Of oceans, babies, forget-me-nots,
I always feel distinctly cheated.
The purpose of the shot's defeated.
Photo-shopped! ........That comes to mind.
I feel cynical, I find.
In days gone by I'd be goggle-eyed
If a photograph I spied
Was deserving of a 'Wow!',
But things are very different now
Should a model look too sallow
Make her look like a pink marsh mallow.
Should a sunset be too pale
A flush of orange cannot fail
To cause an appreciative reaction.
But I get no satisfaction
From these false mock  ups and deceptions.
Which result in misconceptions.
These days it seems that 'illustrate'
Means make the large appear more great,
Make the pretty girl look thinner,
Enrich the shot of the Sunday dinner.
The results are fine pictorially
But they don't do a thing for me.



 A workman on the railway was busy on the tracks,
And when it came to safety he was getting rather lax.
Indeed, at last a train arrived and roared in his direction
And he began to realise that he'd lacked circumspection!
Joe took off at his fastest pace, with the train behind, full-speed,
And, for the very shortest time, he was keeping in the lead!
But at last the train caught-up with him, and hit him, knocked him flat,
And everybody watching really thought that that was that!
But no! He regained consciousness and opened up his eyes,
Gazing at workmates standing round in evident surprise.
One spoke to him and said ' You fool! You could have got away!
By running up the embankment you'd have saved the day.'
 And Joe replied 'Upon my soul! What sort of statement's that?
How could I beat it on a hill when I couldn't on the flat?'


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