Monday, November 19, 2012




What a clever word is "squall".
It says it all. It says it all.
In it we hear the driving rain
That bends the trees and curls the grain.
We hear the rise of an angry breeze
That suddenly whips up the seas.
We see the grey clouds rolling near
We see the grey sky growing drear.
We feel the whip-lash of the drops,
As the weather pulls out all its stops.
We hear the screams of the excited crowds
As they rush to shelter from threatening clouds.
What we don't hear, when its done
Is the sigh of relief when we see the sun.

(An Acrostic)

'Daddy! Stop hitting Mummy!'
Often we hear that cry.
'Mummy! You're hurting Daddy!'
Emotions are running high.
Screams from behind the curtains!
Taunts that are worse than blows!
'Incidents' in the papers;
Constant accounts of those.
Vividly, we imagine
Ignorance turned to spite.
Outwardly all seems happy;
Love ending in a fight.
Eros and Mars aren't partners.
Name-calling doesn't help
Caresses and honeymooning
End in a hopeless yelp.


Unknown said...

I love the way your rhyming scheme enhances the description of the squall. The motion of the waves is echoed in the rhythm of your writing too. This is nicely constructed and I enjoyed reading your poem, Rinkly.

Your anagram is so true. Talk about a squall!! Thank you for sharing.

Dave King said...

Two clever poems for the price of one! The first is a perfect response to the prompt. It would be a worthy addition to any child's book of poetry - and that is meant as a compliment.

The second is as clever and as compelling in its own way as the first.

Silent Otto said...

Thanks R squared, i did get the martial vibe with this, it inspires feeling in me , what more could one ask of good art ?

Margaret said...

...when we see the sun. The whole poem rollicks to that awesome finish.

Tess Kincaid said...

I thought the same thing about the word "squall"...

Jinksy said...

What we don't hear, when its done
Is the sigh of relief when we see the sun.
Best way for any day to end!

SilverGardenia said...

You captured the squall beautifully. Great poem!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Perfect poems RR - thank you for sharing.

Anna :o]