Monday, November 26, 2012

Morning After

(She chose the first line)


A woman who wasn't too bright
Decided to party all night.
When morning arrived
She was glad she'd survived
After flying as high as a kite!


'How stoical!' my companion said
As we stood beside the grave,
'How filial and how honourable;
How noble and how brave!'
The sisters, Maude and Verity,
Agnes and Veronique,
Had nursed their father for fifteen years,
When he was frail and weak.
He was an evil-tempered man;
Watching them like a hawk;
Telling them what to eat and drink,
Telling them how to talk.
They stood, the picture of misery,
Beside the shallow grave,
And many a fellow mourner
Echoed the words 'How brave!'
Maude had spoken in the church,
As though their father were a king.
Was I the only person there
Who heard a voice with a hollow ring?
Of course, as an apothecary,
Things were plain as they could be;
After all, Miss Agnes
Had bought the poison from me.
She's a handsome woman, Miss Agnes,
And now she's rich as well.
It's lucky that I know secrets
 That I shall never tell.
Tomorrow I'll court Miss Agnes;
How happy we will be!
But I'll be keeping the poisons
Under lock and key!

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