Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Change Of Mind

(We are asked asked to use the three words in blue)


Do not implicate me in your dubious cause!
You'll be going down for a stretch and a very good thing, because.......... 
I just drove the getaway car. I had no idea at the time
That you were going to involve me in a thoroughly nasty crime!
I'm completely innocent; the police will understand
That I am not a person to do anything underhand!
I'll visit you in the prison; I may even bring you grapes.
But don't ask me to help you in planning any escapes!
Oh dear! Here's the Police Car! They'll be hammering at the door.
I'll just take off these diamonds!
What did you steal them for!

The eclipse as seen from Queensland.


To some, a miracle involves a deity.
To others, and I am one of them,
A miracle is just that..........
Australia has just witnessed a miracle
In the form of a total eclipse
Of the sun.
The two discs,
One so bright,
One so dark,
Fitted precisely.
This only happened because 
The sun is as far from the moon 
To the same degree 
As the sun is as large as the moon.
There is no reason why
The passing moon
Should not have been a mere dot
Travelling across the face of the sun.
There is no reason why 
The sun should not have been obliterated for hours
By a seemingly enormous moon.
But no!
They fitted, perfectly,
Like two pieces 
Of a neat puzzle.
I just love miracles!

1 comment:

Geoff Maritz said...

400 times further and 400 times larger. More than amazing, miraculous, to say the least.
Diamonds are forever, or until you get caught, ha, ha, ha.
Blessings from Cape Town and Geoff.