Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Red Chair



So now I sit in this chair, my love,
And brood about the past.
We had a great relationship;
We expected it to last.
We found this derelict house, my love,
It took all that we'd got,
But both of us saw a future here;
It seemed the perfect spot.
We'd hardly got a sou, my love,
Our cupboard was quite bare,
But then you suddenly laughed and said
'Let's buy a scarlet chair!'
Symbolic, that's what it was, my love,
Of a future that would glow.
Scarlet ! The colour of vibrancy
And a love that would, surely, grow.
Then both of us lost our jobs, my love;
We both felt life wasn't fair;
There was nothing else we could afford
To add to our scarlet chair.
Then bitterness crept in, my love,
Recriminations, pain.
When you left you slammed the door
And we haven't met again.
I have a chair, I have a house,
And I have a memory.
What use, my love, who is still my love,
Is a scarlet chair to me?


At first I thought 'it' was Barbie!
But no, she's really real!
She's a human-being
Who can laugh and sing and feel!
All of us know the sensation
When a waist-band's a bit too tight;
We enjoy the release from 'bondage'
When we go to bed at night.
Imagine how this lady
Feels when she swallows a pea!
It must feel like a boulder;
A real monstrosity.
Her innards must be squashed-up
Like sardines in a tin.
Supposing she feels like some pudding!
How will she get it in?
This is my idea of ridiculous.
Whatever will she do
If, one day, she bends down quickly
And simply snaps in two?


21 Wits said...

As chairs go, it's sure funny they can survive even well past anyone that owns it! Cute little poem of love and loss and as for look almost like a Barbie- too funny!

Helen said...

A most poignant Mag from Ms. Brenda! I loved it!!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Great post! That red chair really shines in the gloom and your poem puts a great perspective on it...

Berowne said...

A most impressive tale, with a moving ending...

Dave King said...

The Red Chair is a humdingger.

Wayne Pitchko said...

well done and thanks for sharing this

Helena said...

Two crackers! Slimming Sensation is simply divine....what a giggle!

Lady In Read said...

the first one was so sweet and poignant.. and the second one made me laugh! thanks.

Katherine said...

Loved both poems...the first was both beautiful and sad!! The second gave me a good giggle! Poor lady!