Tuesday, November 13, 2012



(An Acrostic)

Rush and tumble! Noise and speed!
Enter a new world when you read!
All the flurry fades away
Din and chaos dare not stay.
In words, you find the things you need.
New or old, a book to read
Grants you the right to sit awhile
Then face the rude world with a smile.




It's a hilly old place, our town.
Here's a view from the top looking down,
Through the shopping streets way below
To where Hunter's waters flow..
Climbing up to the top is a feat,
Hence the railings they've put by the street,
But it's always worth the climb
For the view to my rear is sublime.
Imagine you turn around,
And this is what you'll have found....
The Pacific Ocean wide,
Spreading on every side.
It's a watery place our city,
The Hunter River is pretty;
The ocean is wide and blue
And we're between the two.

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21 Wits said...

What a delightful READ, reading! your post today! Thanks so much!