Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantasy in Blue



Fantasy should come from within
It's in the brain it should begin.
Other peoples' imaginations,
And their dreamed-up situations
Are merely fantasy second-hand
However gruesome great or grand.
When it comes to  a film or video game
That brings its originator fame
His fantasies are up for sale
And your ideas seem rather pale

By comparison. This is sad.
Your ideas may not be bad.
They may not be good enough for the screen
Or the cleverest thing you've ever seen
But at least they belong to you,
And to yourself you're being true.
If we just take in from left and right
And merely give in without a fight
Our minds will shrivel  and atrophy
And that seems an awful shame to me.

(We were asked to wrote about our names.)

Brenda...... a name that labels me
As someone approaching senility!
Along with Pamela and Gwen
I personify the way-back-when.
Gladys and Hazel are also fated
To be considered old and dated.
My mother's name was Ethel May;
Names we don't hear at all today.
Her sisters were Mabel and Violet;
They were part of the 1900 set.
My name was a 1930's Wow;
But it isn't heard too often now.
Except that the illustration shows
A Brenda everybody knows.......
(All except me; the name was new
Until this shot came into view!)
 I'm intrigued by how Pat and Vera
Signify a certain era.
Chelsea and Taylor no doubt await
A similar chronological fate.
I've never really minded 'Brenda';
(It's Brendan in a different gender)
It means 'sword', or so I'm told;
So it doesn't suit me; I'm not too bold.
It was just a name, not good, not bad,
Decided upon by Mum and Dad.
But I married a 'Bryant' and then my name
Became one I was proud to claim.
Six letters in both ! How very neat!
And two 'Br's to make the match complete!
Brenda Bryant;
You must admit
That these two names appear to fit.
Had I married a Mr Smith or Small
I wouldn't have liked my name at all!

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