Thursday, November 29, 2012



Let's face it, you see neither a rabbit nor a duck;
And whichever one you chanced upon was just a matter of luck.
Either one is possible, either one is quite unreal;
Anatomically, both of them have very little appeal.
And we can't see both at the same time! Our eyes say no to that,
As though they are bewildered by what we're looking at.
That's the way of illusion; the struggling brain is tricked.
We're worried by our decision, whichever one we've picked.
Of course there are much cleverer ones, artistic ones as well,
But every sort of illusion casts its own special spell.

(An Acrostic)

Fantasy of water gliding down the mountain side
Idyl of a lazy river where the fat fish hide.
Solitude and dreams of plenty fill this heart of mine.
Heaven is myself for company and a fishing-line.
In the depths the fish are lurking; scales flash in the light.
Numerous and yet elusive; quickly out of sight.
Guessing.....will an empty basket be the final story?
I care not for the day has been one of peaceful glory.

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