Friday, November 30, 2012

City Sunset




After a day of dubious weather
The clouds drifted off at last,
And a blaze of golden sunset
Told us the storm was past.


He was lying there, blocking the gangway, refusing to get to his feet,
When he should have been watching a Shakespeare play from the comfort of his seat!
'Get up, please, Sir' said the Usher in a tone that was very polite,
'You're causing a bit of a problem on a very important night'.
The man lay still and silent and uttered not a word
And all around the theatre mutterings could be heard.
The usher fetched the Manager, whose tone was rather worse,
'Get up at once sir' the Manager said 'You're ruining Shakespeare's verse!'
Still the man lay silent, not a whisper, not a sound,
Lying there upon the floor with people all around.
'I'll call the Police' said the Manager 'We can't put up with this!'
And some of the angry patrons began to boo and hiss!
The Policeman came with some back-up, and he was heard to say
'I'm afraid we'll have to arrest you if you jolly well don't obey.!'
At this the man gave a whimper to show he was awake
And everyone said 'Well where's your seat? Tell us, for goodness sake!'
Yes which row have you come from?' they cried with asperity.
Groaning the poor man blurted out 'I fell from the balcony!'

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