Wednesday, November 14, 2012



(A Haiku)

So life in the sky
Bored, after a long shining

Now you flare on earth


She had been away too long,
All in the name of sport.
'Nothing should take the place of me'....
That was what he thought.
'But, darling, this is special;
At High Jump I'm the tops.
I promise you, one more medal
And that's where competing stops.
If I win this medal in Japan
We'll get married right away.
Right there, as soon as the train gets in,
You can name the day.'
The time went by so slowly,
He felt sure that she'd forgotten;
He mooched around day after day,
Feeling absolutely rotten.
Then came the email message......
'Be sure to meet the train.'
Nothing else, but he was glad
To be seeing her again.
He stood there on the platform,
As the train drew in.
Was happiness or misery
Just about to begin?
Like a bullet out of a gun
She hurtled to his side
As he stood excitedly waiting
With his two arms open wide.
With just one simple gesture
That made his wild heart thump,
She proved she kept her promises.
And she proved that she could ........jump!

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21 Wits said...

Jumping Jackie! Too cute! You always amaze me with the best of writing and then you top it off with the most wonderful photos too!