Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forced Entry

gave us the first line


A man who was rather a nut
Tried to,open a door that was shut.
He bashed and he butted
Until he was gutted
And his fists were all battered and cut.

(Last week I was voted the best!
Just guess how I puffed-out my chest!
I'm utterly thrilled
To find myself billed
Up there with the much-admired rest.

A limerick's such fun to write
And what's more it does not take all night!
Thank you Mad Kane!
I'll be writing again.
I'm flying as high as a kite.)


Loggers' Memorial Sketch - Camp 18 Restaurant - Elsie, Oregon


A lumber-jack in Canada was taking-on new men.
And he looked Archie up and down and up and down again.
'Lord! You're a skinny little runt' he gasped with mocking laugh.
'Most of my men are enormous. You look more like a half!
Never  mind, I'll give you a try.... see that great redwood nearby.
Let me see you chop it down. It's wide and thick and high.'
Archie chopped it down with ease. 'Why Archie! You're a freak!
Said the lumberjack 'Where on earth did you learn such a great technique?
'It was in the Sahara Forest.' Archie answered him at once.
Said the lumberjack 'You can chop all right but, Archie, you're a dunce!
There's no Sahara Forest. It's a desert, dry and brown.
'It's a desert now' said Archie ' Cos I chopped all the redwoods down.'


A Cuban In London said...

That's one proper limerick you've got there! :-) Loved it. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Kay L. Davies said...

Of course you were voted the best, Brenda, because you definitely are.
Limericks are fun, but I just couldn't think of one this week. I managed to write a couple of things today, however.
As for your little lumberjack, bravo for him, chopping down all the redwoods in the Sahara. I imagine he chopped them all down in Canada, too, because I've only ever seen redwoods in California.
I grew up in British Columbia thinking lumberjacks were heroes, but I think I've rather changed my mind now that they use massive machinery instead of good old axes.
I hope you are well.
Luv, K