Thursday, November 8, 2012

So Far!

Written for Carry On Tuesday


'As far as my eyes can see
Is a long, long, long, long , way,'
And I know that's not remarkable
But it's something I love to say.
When one has been short-sighted
For more than seventy years
It really is a miracle
When a distant view appears.
I never saw leaves on far-off trees
Or the 'face' that's on the moon,
And now I can see everything
And it really is a boon.
Cataract operations
Happen every day,
But what a thrill when old ladies 
Can see a long, long way!


Garish! That's what I call them!
Those other peacock males!
With all those flashy colours
Dotted about their tails.
With all those golden 'eyes' and things,
And all that 'peacock blue'.
And all those other clashing bits
Of every single hue!
They strut about before the hens
Preening and looking stupid.
Do they imagine vulgarity
Can do the work of Cupid?
Me? I just stand majestically
Underneath a tree,
Letting the female talent
Beat a path to me.
See the white 'moths' that flutter
Upon my feather-ends!
They make any little hen
Want to be more than friends!
Just wait a while till later on
When we welcome the bambinos!
You'll discover that most of them
Are just like me.....albinos!


Mary said...

Indeed cataract operations are a modern miracle, I think. I am glad you can now see afar!

Belva Rae Staples said...

These are two entertaining pieces. I'm glad that you can see more clearly now, too.

keiths ramblings said...

I feel another song coming on -'I can see clearly now de dum de dum de dum!'

Sayantini said...

Very nice interesting use of the prompt. I liked it.

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Margaret Gosden said...

I am not sure you will see that 'face' on the moon - surely, as you will see now, abstractions that look more like a landscape. I always thought the 'face' was something mythical, the origin of which I know not. Do you? Yes, I was amazed when I had cataracts removed, not realizing there was anything wrong with my sight to begin with!