Friday, November 9, 2012



At first the wound is gruesome, one can hardly bear to look
And it seems one will be scarred for evermore.
One gazes in the mirror and shrinks back from the sight
And the area is quite horrible and sore.
But days go by and, subtly, changes are taking place,
The wound is growing smaller by the hour.
The angry look has faded and the colour is quite pale
All due to the body's mighty healing power.
As time goes by one views it less,  one thinks of pleasanter things,
At times one can't recall that it is there!
Until, one day, one remembers it and finds a small white scar
To remind one  of a very nasty scare.
And so it is with cities that are battered in great storms;
The wounds are deep and bloody at the start
But good old Time heals all things, just as we've been told,
And the memories of trauma will depart.


We're waiting for inspection.
We're lined-up in a row,
Shiny wood up on the top,
And metal down below.
We have a martial aspect,
A military manner
And every one of us out here
Waves a shadow banner.
The first Tuesday in November is the day the Melbourne Cup race is run. They call it 'the race that stops a nation.' Malcolm and I went to a Melbourne Cup lunch (for which read picnic) at the Surf Club. The views from there are exceptional.

Colleen looked very chic in scarlet.
I looked less than lovely in my hat but I assure you it was quite pretty from the other side!

Camilla and Charles graced the proceedings.


keiths ramblings said...

A post filled with gems - especially your hat which looks delightful! I lost a few quid on the Melbourne Cup again! I only win once in a blue moon - pity I didn't bet on Green Moon! Hope you did better.

Margaret Gosden said...

Camilla did not look her best there in the photo! But you looked good! Slowly getting back to ho-hum normal!