Monday, November 5, 2012



All the words above must be used.


Oh Dear! this is too awful! I'm going out of my mind!
When I parked my car I think I left my key behind!
This is  a disaster! What am I going to do!
It's as though my worst nightmares are suddenly coming true!"
Quit the hyperbole, Madam! 'Worse things happen at sea'.
Those are the words my mother was always quoting to me.
Enable your imagination! A boat's sunk under you!
You are screaming and wallowing, wondering what to do.
The shore is way in the distance, many miles away,
The depths lie dark beneath you, the sky is a stormy grey.
The waves are wild and tumultuous, the wrath of Neptune's nigh,
You cannot scramble on a log that you see floating by!
You try hard to be upbeat although your hands are swelling!
Rotten things are drifting past. What are they? There's no telling!
Optimism flees away! The sea is far from calm.
If only there were magic and you had a lucky charm!
You're going down for the third time! Yes! You're going down!
There's a gurgling in your lungs and you know you're going to drown!
That is a tragedy, Madam. Death on the high sea.
Get things into perspective! You've only lost your key!

(An Acrostic)

Fantasy of water gliding down the mountain side
Idyl of a lazy river where the fat fish hide.
Solitude and dreams of plenty fill this heart of mine.
Heaven is myself for company and a fishing-line.
In the depths the fish are lurking; scales flash in the light.
Numerous and yet elusive; quickly out of sight.
Guessing.....will an empty basket be the final story?
I care not for the day has been one of peaceful glory.


The latest shot of my two youngest grandsons, Max and Harry. Very lively boys as you can see!

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vivinfrance said...

You always manage to make me smile, Rinkly, and today is no exception.