Sunday, November 18, 2012

Red Boots



Oh what slinky sexy boots
And what a shade of red!
Is it any wonder
That they're turning every head?
They couldn't be more 'with it'
They are the latest fashion.
All the young girls view them
With much jealousy and passion.
But oh the dreadful effort
The sartorial Marathon
When she's struggling in the bedroom,
Trying to put them on!

                                 Press Photograph


(An Acrostic)

Major city of Australia and visited by most;
Easily the smartest on the continent! At least that is it’s boast.
Lovely scenery surrounds it and its streets are broad and wide;
Beaches are all around it and so is its countryside.
Opera and theatre are featured, and also the Melbourne Cup,
Undoubtedly a famous horse-race (Come on! Giddy Up!).
Rivers? Well, there’s the Yarra, a place for water-sport.
Never forget the tennis; great fun on the tennis court.
Elegance is a hallmark, more so than Sydney Town.
Make a point of visiting this jewel in Victoria’s crown.
There is a new member of the Greg Bryant family. Her name is Cookie and I haven't met her yet. She looks gorgeous and Max and Harry obviously love her already!

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