Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seasonal Pink

Eucalyptus flowers



We're not very likely to think of pink
When autumn comes around.
Red and yellow and orange too
Are the colours that abound.
But here in Australia it is Spring
So pinks are everywhere,
As all the seasonal flowers
Make us stop and stare.
Here on the coast of  New South Wales
Autumn doesn't blaze.
The trees are green throughout the year
Even on winter days.
I miss the colourful autumns
That so pleased me in my youth
Though I certainly don't miss the winters
That's a certain truth.
So here are some spring blossoms
In keeping with the theme.
The seasons manage to give us
A wonderful colour scheme.

We were asked to use
'eject, render impact'


If I choose to eject from my aeroplane,
A sensible thing to do,
It's certain that I'll land somewhere
And it might be on you!
The impact will be just frightful,
As I hurtle from the sky.
It will render both of us senseless
And one of us might die.

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