Thursday, November 15, 2012




My inspiration varies,
Day to day and hour to hour.
It could be a rainbow
Or a puppy or a flower.
But, usually, it is a phrase
That pops into my head;
Something overheard, maybe,
Or something someone's said.
If I want to write some verse
And my mind is just a blank,
Then it's dear old Google
That I very often thank.

'Unusual words' give a kick-start
'Images' are a boon,
And sometimes words come accompanied
By their own little made-up tune.
Emotions rarely inspire me,
Although they sometimes do.
Usually they're too private
To be put on public view.
I used to write a diary,
But that was always in prose.
Deeper feelings don't allow
For rhyming, I suppose.
I think my inspiration
Comes from the urge to write.
If I don't write a poem
The day just doesn't seem right.

Writing something, anything
Adds meaning to my day
Its a wonderful in-between thing.....
Partly work and partly play.
They can keep their crosswords,
Their sudoku and their whist.
Writing a poem daily
Is top of my must-do list!

(After Omar Khayyam)

And, lo, the rains have fallen on the earth!
Those rains which give our soil a second birth
The swords of grass are pointing to the skies.
The birds sing as though carolling with mirth.

We view the green around us with surprise!
The dams  are full, the rivers, daily, rise.
Blossoms, once seeming drab, with colour blaze.
The dazzle of it all assails our eyes.

Cicadas sing a song of joyful praise.
And daisies in the grass delight our gaze.
La Nina is a visitor of worth.
Hail, Little Girl, with all your watery ways!


Brian Miller said...

ha. true it is like working one of those puzzles each day...have not done the unusual words in a long time...i might have to do that again...most of mine are just day to day interactions...

ninotaziz said...

I feel exactly the same way. My day is incomplete if I have not written a pretty phrase, an excellent letter or penned down a thought for my next book!

Unknown said...

both of these are really good. I love the Inspiration piece, completely get what your saying in there, feel/have felt much the same myself. Thanks for sharing.

Leovi said...

Yes, blessed inspiration, join us in every act of our lives.