Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Spirit


Letter 'T'


Two old ladies sat side by side . They were chatting about the past.
Said Flora ‘Ah they were good days, but we knew they couldn’t last.
Do you remember the schoolroom we sat in every day,
And the wonderful games of softball that you and I would play?’
‘I’d love to play softball again’, said Fran ‘ I really, really would.
Will we get to play softball in Heaven? That would be really good.’
‘I tell you what ‘ said Flora, the first one to….. you know….go.
Must send a message to the other, still lingering here below.’
‘That’s a great idea! said Fran. So the ladies made a pact;
Whichever one reached Heaven first knew exactly how to act.
Flora died first and Fran was sad but she waited for a sign;
If people played softball in Heaven that would be really fine.
In due course came a voice in the night and Fran pricked up her ears.
Sure enough it was Flora, so Fran soon dried her tears.
‘I’ve good news for you, Fran dear! We’re going to realise a dream!
They do play softball in Heaven; there’s a really top-notch team!
And now I’ve some bad news for you’……. Fran waited for her to speak….
‘I’m very sorry to tell you this but……. you’re on the team next week!’


In a corner of the foyer
The desk stood isolated
But a glorious golden window
A magic place created

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