Monday, November 19, 2012


who gave us the first line.


A man was disturbed by a line
Which sent tingles of joy up his spine
It said 'We've not met
But I think you're a pet'
But the writer neglected to sign!

(Materialism gone mad!)

As I was strolling along one day I heard a dreadful crash,
There was a roar, the scream of tyres and an almost blinding flash.
I looked behind and there was a SAAB that had gone into a tree.
I rushed to help, hoping, of course, that the driver had walked free.
The driver crawled out in an awful mess and sank down on his knees
Crying "No! No! Not my SAAB! Not my new car please!'
I was amazed at his attitude for he'd done himself some harm.
'Get a grip!' I shouted 'Don't you know you've lost an arm!'
He looked in his arm's direction and then he said ' Oh hell!
This really is my unlucky day!
My Rolex has gone as well!'

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Kay L. Davies said...

Great stuff, as usual, Brenda. I did enjoy the limerick (I'm sure that has happened to me) but the second poem is fabulous. His Saab AND his Rolex. He probably paid an arm and a leg for that watch! LOL

Long time no comment (we're traveling again) so I hope you are well and happy.