Monday, November 19, 2012




Imagine having no imagination!
It's something we find very hard to do.
Humanity is blessed with imagination:
Imagining none is impossible, it's true.
But I wonder...... is it curse or is it blessing?
Supposing we were just like cats and dogs,
Living just for the day and the  next mealtime,
Without our poetry and dreams and blogs.
We wouldn't find it dull:  we'd know no better
We'd never miss what we had never known.
We'd never suffer from anticipation
Imagining some dread message on the phone.
We'd never think of death  ,  and fret and worry
About its date, about it's grief and pain.
We'd never have a sudden vivid picture
Of how we might soon fall beneath a train!
And God  would not exist for he's imagined,
So wars about religion could not be,
And people wouldn't fear the next invasion
And have to take their worldly goods and flee.
We wouldn't miss the stories and the music.
How could we miss the joys we'd never had?
But, even so, imagination's wondrous:
It makes us what we are and I feel glad.


Let's all confess revenge is sweet
And plotting it, divine!
There's nothing nice about it;
Nothing loving or benign.
After a nasty insult
Has happened to come my way;
All my baser instincts
Seem to come into play.
I can lie in bed and salivate
Thinking of my retorts;
Positively revelling
In my really devilish thoughts.
I'll be so much smarter than she was!
My riposte will be so witty.
She'll shrink and cringe beneath my gaze;
The sight will not be pretty.
But time goes on and when we meet
Our little spat is dead.
I simply can't remember
Exactly what was said!
All those witticisms! Wasted and thrown away.
Oh well someone else will insult me!
Then I'll have my say.

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I liked the first one and Revenge was great fun!