Wednesday, November 14, 2012




The brain just reels away in shock
Then switches off completely
When faced with possibilities
That just don't line up neatly.
The either-ors are so immense
And also so uncertain
That I've stopped gazing at the stars;
I've simply closed the curtain.
Was there a Big Bang? 'They' say not,
Though some still say it's true.
Did we start from nothing at all?
I don't know. Do you?
Has the Universe got an end?
If so, what lies outside it?
Imagination wrestles with that
And scientists can't decide it.
Are we alone? The big one that!
If we are the one and only
It makes one feel so vulnerable,
Isolated, lonely.
On the other hand, if 'they're' out there
It's really rather scary;
Are 'they' little worm-like things
Or are they gross and hairy?
Universal ponderings
Are what I write today.
Everybody asks these questions;
They just wont go away.
When I was younger than I am
I thought that I would know
Which possibilities were right
As I continued to grow.
But now that I'm an old lady
I find that I'm resigned
To never ever knowing
And the whole thing strains my mind.

(An Acrostic)

Intelligent beings, such as we,
Never accept the things we see.
Very soon we poke and pry,
Every moment asking 'Why?'
Some things are hidden from our view,
Those things we must discover too.
If the answer still is veiled,
Great scientists think that they have failed.
A human brain cannot accept
That, in any way, it is inept.
Every atom must be split.
Then we'll understand......a bit.

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Marsha said...

Ah, Possibilities...endless questions that tire me out, so I just give it up and enjoy this exquisite moment.