Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Word's Worth

The Wordle

(Using all the Wordle words)

The Wordle words seen up above
Have made me feel all lyrical.
Wordsworth and I strolled hand in hand
Where Nature creates a miracle.
Deep in the wood we heard the birds
Among phantom walls of greenery.
The brook was leaping for our delight
As we admired the scenery.
Never a dry and dusty book
Brought forth such adoration.
'My heart leaps up!' my friend declared
And continued his oration.
He sat on a rocky outcrop
And recited his famous words
Backed by the bubbling waters
And the singing of the birds.
He recited his  famous poems for hours
Sitting in that grassy hollow,
Although I was a mite impressed
It was a lot to swallow!
'Here's a new poem of mine'  I said
Knowing it was a winner.
That's when his words nearly broke my heart.....
'Not bad for a beginner''


(Written from a former Wordle)

Smug, the spinning spider sits.
Watching, waiting with his wits.
In the sunshine, ruddy, mellow,
Looking such a harmless fellow.
Subliminal thoughts just flow and ebb
As he sits quite still in his web.
He is the living fulcrum of
The spider-web we've come to love.
Silence reigns. But a gullible fly
Has seen fit to flutter by!
Just a shudder, just a rustle.
The spider hardly moves a muscle.
Then suddenly, he breaks the hush
With a most untidy rush!
Soon he has fly-pie for dinner!
One's a loser, one's a winner!

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