Sunday, November 4, 2012

Small Scale



My defeats and triumphs have been very, very mild.
Nothing in my life has been too tragic or too wild.
Any triumphs or defeats to which I can lay a claim
Have been to do with writing and even they are tame.
I wrote a play some years ago and wrote the music too
A labour of love it was for sure and it took many months to do.
Friends who were involved with it praised it to the skies
Maybe that just had no taste or maybe they told lies.
I ate and breathed and slept that work for many months, no years
Then presented it to a local group. Of course it ended in tears.
As you have all anticipated my great work was rejected
And after all to be honest that should have been expected.
But I'd no idea it would hurt so much! The hurt persisted for years.
Even now, after thirty years the thought brings me to tears!
My triumph was equally minor. I created a spelling scheme
And using it in the classroom was like realizing a dream.
When my idea was published I thought that I grew wings.
I experienced all euphoria that being published brings.
Two very minor experiences compared with the lives of the great.
But, believe me, the heartbeats reached a similar rate!


                   Merrit Chase


'You must have your portrait painted'
Said Mama to me one day.
'Something to show you're feminine
In a pretty girlish way.
Too long you've been a spinster,
With your hair in that stupid bun.
You've got to look desirable
And ready to be won.
You've been on our hands for far too long,
And you don't even try!
You look just like a schoolmarm
With that very critical eye.
Now take off that serge over-skirt,
And that blouse that looks so prim.
Somewhere there's a man for you
And we must think of him!
I've bought this pretty little dress
With all the frills and flounces.
'I'm female and I'm very sweet'
That's what this dress announces.
Now, stand up straight! Be a lady!
Try not to look so grim!
At least those frills give you a bust;
I wish you weren't so.....trim!'
So here I stand for my portrait.
Will this horror never end?
I want to dash out to the village
To visit Annabelle, my...... friend.

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lorik said...

I read your experience and shared your pain...if we force ourselves to remember, we all have moments a bit like that..maybe not as dramatic.... but we do. But you ended on a positive note.. your classroom achievement. I was a teacher too and i remember how I felt when something I had thrown myself into went well.