Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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A chair stands alone
Waiting as I am waiting.
Both feel your absence.

Gerald is no longer with us and, yes, I do feel his absence.

Another one from Gerald Gee, whose work I so admire.
He captures something in my past and builds a glowing fire
From a memory that has faded to a little flickering spark.
Somehow he lights on something and he always hits the mark.
I'd like to say I remember this very beachside scene;
I'd like to say the place-name and declare that's where I've been.
But it's not a concrete memory that Gerald paints for me;
It's a feeling...... of a memory........ of a place that used to be.
Somehow, somewhere, I saw that moon, and it was blue as blue;
And I saw that row of houses with the lamplights shining through.
I saw that lisping water and the little boats as well.
I saw my world in those colours, but where I cannot tell.
Gerald and I share memories, although we've never met.
 And I thank him for reviving dreams it's so easy to forget.


Reader Wil said...

An empty chair, an empty place... There are more and more empty places. We have lost so many relatives, friends and what is left are the memories. Worst of all is the empty bed after the last time you said :" Good night...
Thanks for your visit. Dickens' words can be applied to this time and age as well. Nothing has changed.

Tara Tyler said...

heartfelt absence, missing someone special

Susie Clevenger said...

an empty chair says so much...your words have communicated absence well

Anonymous said...

Waiting is difficult when someone is absent ... like how you used the chair missing as well as the person. Nicely done!

Suzy said...

Touched my soul. The empty chair reminds me of a song I love by Demis Roussos - From Souvenirs to souvenirs.

Anonymous said...

so many empty chairs for so many people

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

"an empty chair..." what a great line! Well done!