Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sight Unseen



There's something in the sky up there
That we can't even see!
Something big and bold and hot
And very glittery!
The sky does not reveal it,
At least, not in this shot,
And yet we know it's golden
And round and very hot!
The water is its mirror,
Breaking up the light,
And Stockton, in the distance,
Completes the lovely sight.


Where art thou Muse?
I pay my dues
And yet thou dost desert me!
I sit to write
By candle-light.
Dost thou intend to hurt me?

Where art thou Muse?
Thou dost abuse
The faith I have put in you!
That tasty phrase!
That hymn of praise!
What can I do to win you?

Where art thou Muse?
The words I choose
Seem dull and uninspiring!
My poor old brain
Is under strain!
I tell you! It's quite tiring!

Where art thou Muse?
Please give some clues
Or I may well go under!
Some good bon mots!
Some ebb and flow!
Thou tearest my soul assunder!

Where art thou Muse?
Please light my fuse!
My little flame is sputtering!
My paltry words
Are for the birds!
I'm just left sitting muttering!

Where art thou Muse?
I win or lose
According to thy fancy!
This writing lark
Requires thy spark!
The whole thing's very chancy!

Where art thou Muse?
As I peruse
This sheet of pristine paper,
I feel inclined
To change my mind
And reject this writing caper!

Where art thou Muse?
In ones and twos
My words come dull and faltering!
My poor heart aches
Each time mistakes
Need scratching-out and altering.

Where art thou Muse?
I bleed and bruise
And I'm beset by sorrow!
I'm inclined to guess
I'll do more memes tomorrow!

1 comment:

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I enjoyed both poems and could especially relate to your muse poem!