Saturday, November 5, 2011


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Three months old and full of charms,
Nestling in her Poppy's arms.
Little Olivia's all in pink;
Not unusual, I think.
And, goodness gracious! What's this here?
A little pink bird on her rear!
Oh to be young , without a care,
Showing-off our underwear!


Life is like a skating-rink!
(Now that's a quotable thought to think!)
You think you're going to the store
To buy some groceries: nothing more!
But then, though you search very hard,
You find you've forgotten your credit card!
Then you meet that woman from down the street
Who's the very last person you'd wish to meet!
She keeps you chatting for half an hour!
She doesn't notice you're looking sour!
You find your card! Oh dear! Wrong one!
What a day! You're having fun!
You'll have to use it, come what may.
Blast! 'No funds' the other day!
Then some nasty little child
Pokes out its tongue and drives you wild.
When you visit the grocery store;
They don't stock 'your' brand any more!
You're paying cash. Now where's your list?
Any minute you'll slash a wrist!
It must be in the other purse!
Can things be getting worse and worse?
You cross the floor. It's slippery.
You trip and fall and bruise your knee!
On life's skating rink you sit,
Floored by the expertise of it!
Too many swirls! Too many twists!
Too many cards! Too many lists!
Life is like a skating-rink!
All you can say is 'Life! You stink!'
P.S. The grand finale of this visit.......
I parked the car! Damn! Damn! Damn! Where is it?


Chubskulit Rose said...

On thin ice is a very critical situation.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed both of your poems very much. The latter I can relate to as I have had many days like that this last year. Happy Pink Saturday (belated). I look forward to looking through some of your other posts.
Hugs, LisaKay
Belles Roses