Saturday, November 5, 2011


asks for humour


'I'm the only one without a car! moaned Jake in mournful voice.
All my friends are driving. I walk! I have no choice.
Please, Dad, please! You promised! I don't mind if it's a wreck!
I don't need an up-to-date number with everything Hi Tech!'
His father looked him over, Jake was a typical teen,
With the longest, scruffiest hair-do the world has ever seen.
'I tell you what, Jake' he responded 'You've got to play your part;
Do well at your Bible studies.... at least that'll be a start.
Next you must raise your school-grades, at least from a C to B!
Finally, get your hair cut, then, my boy, we'll see....'
Jake duly worked much harder; at Bible Studies and school,
And then he fronted up to Dad, feeling confident and cool.
As soon as his father saw him, he looked quite stern because
Jake's hair was still unruly, as bad as ever it was!
'What gives with the hair?' Dad demanded, 'It still looks just the same!
Oh well, my boy, no car for you! You've only yourself to blame!'
Jake looked very confident; he'd the perfect tale to tell,
'I don't need to cut it at all, Dad! I've studied the Bible well!
Samson had hair to his shoulders; John the Baptist's was long;
Moses was totally hairy! That shows it can't be wrong!
Gotcha Dad!' he chortled 'When do I get my wheels?
I've been so long without a car! You don't know how it feels!'
Said Dad, 'I've heard it all now! You won't be driving far!
Those men you quote from the Bible, well.....
None of them had a car!'


A boy in a Jumping Castle,
Full of concentration,
Happy in his own little world,
A world of his own creation.
What does he think as he leaps around,
Like some animal caged-in?
Soon he'll see us watching
And he'll dart us a flashing grin.


Kay L. Davies said...

Aha, that'll teach him to make a bargain with a father who knows more than he does. All young people finally realize their parents aren't nitwits, but some take a while to figure it out.
The little fella in the second photo probably still thinks his dad is the smartest man in the world.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Chronicles of Illusions said...

so glad I stopped by - loved these

The Cello Strings said...

so creative,

what fun pieces of poetry on humor.


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...