Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nothing Lasts



This photograph is reminding me
Of the sadness of mortality.
I'm not a gardener; I don't claim
To know this scarlet beauty's name.
It just took my fancy one fine day
When I was up Port Stephen's way.
Joan, my friend, showed it with pride,
But then, in the course of time, it died.
I took this shot five years ago,
When it put on a charming show.
Since then there have been hours and hours
And flowers and flowers and flowers and flowers.
This radiant bloom fell to the earth
So other flowers could have their birth.
It enriched the soil for another bloom,
Making way for it, making room.
And I know that I'll go that way too.
But I can't accept it!
Neither can you!

A Simple ABC

There was a young man from Uganda
Who saw a girl on a veranda.
He tried his technique
For more than a week,
But she wouldn't play goose to his gander.


Tina´s PicStory said...

beautiful ruby!

Kim, USA said...

I like that title nothing last.

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Leah H. said...

That is beautiful..

Visiting for Ruby Tuesday! Hope you can visit mine too:)



Lola said...

Beautiful ruby!

Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend in lovely OZ!