Thursday, November 3, 2011

Compatibility Number One

This is Number 1 of  72 blogs designed to help you choose the right partner!
(Or to discover where you went wrong!)
Have fun sorting-out the body-parts.

If Aries marries Aries, look out for a lightning strike.
For passion and excitement are what both these people like.
Immediate intensity makes the flame of love burn brightly!
You’ll fall into each others arms and hang on very tightly.
But, with both of you Control Freaks, some quarrels will be torrid,
As both of you, when arguing, can be positively horrid!
It could be that it’s a pairing better made for an affair!
It would make for vivid memories for both of you to share.
But, as the first fine frenzy might diminish very soon,
Maybe you’re not wise to bank on a life-long honeymoon!
You should have a great old sizzling time, fantastically feiry,
And read about it when you’re old in some faded, well-thumbed diary.
You’ll smile a bit at how life once was so passionate and wild,
(By that time you will both be very much more calm and mild!)
But, should you marry, you could have a life of wedded bliss,
Provided that you make up every quarrel with a kiss.
And provided that you have some other interests to pursue,
So that you have another life when dreams don’t quite come true.
So, if an Aries-double is part of your master-plan,
You’ll know the very best of love!
Just enjoy it while you can!

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