Friday, November 11, 2011


 Occupy Melbourne

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I wish I could occupy the mind
Of each and every protester. 
I wish I knew the motives
And could feel resentment fester.
A rabble always scares me,
Because it lacks one mind.
If I could get inside these heads
I wonder what I'd find.
Ostensibly it's 'equality'
That they they are searching for,
But that's a nebulous concept;
Demonstrations need much more.
They're 'agin the banks'; understandable,
For Banks have played the fool,
Gambling with our money
Being feckless, as a rule.
Have those who 'occupy' with zeal
Got any plan in mind?
Replace authority with 'what'?
That hasn't been defined.
Replace Bank Managers with 'whom'?
Accountants without sin?
If they want to replace 'society'
Where will they begin?
(Forget about the professionals
Who demonstrate for fun;
I'm sure there are a few of them
When all is said and done.)
But even the genuine people,
Those who demonstrate sincerely,
Don't seem to speak with one voice,
And they don't  speak very clearly.
It's easy to be alerted 
By Facebook, or by Twitter,
And to work oneself into a froth,
Feeling ill-used and bitter.
I understand the poor old Greeks,
Bewailing their situation,
But Melbourne! Occupy for 'what'?
This is a different nation.
I'm all for the Power of the People
But it must be organised.
If the 'Occupy' movement gets anywhere
I'll be very much surprised.

The waves advance upon the shore
With mighty power and deafening roar.
They do not pander to our needs;
We are one of life's lesser breeds.
But, as they recede, with scarce a shuffle,
Nature seems to mute and muffle.
Then we can dip our puny toes
Before another giant grows.
Screams of joy as a wave advances
And mortals laugh at taking chances!

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