Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spring Garden



Pink blossoms from the here and now,
Hanging overhead,
Scattering petals as they swing
Over each flower-bed.
And a statue from an earlier age
Posing down below
Unmoved by Springtime breezes
Bearing rain-drops as they blow.


Looking for something bright but frugal,
I took a little peek in Google.
What should I find but a tasty snack
Designed to stop a hunger attack!
Take nasturtium blossoms (they grow like crazy)!
They're easy to pick (in case you're lazy)!
Wash them swiftly under the tap;
Chemicals might cause mishap!
Place leaves to cover a serving plate
And lay out the blossoms. They'll look great.
The yellows, oranges and reds
Look as good as they do in flower-beds.
Now to fill those bright rosettes.
This is as easy as it gets!
Make three fillings to give variety,
Something admired in our society.
Number one take some cream cheese
And mix with pineapple. (It's a breeze).
Number two cream cheese and chives,
(Quick! Before your guest arrives!)
Third, a spoonful of ham spread;
(Bound to give you Kitchen Kred!)
Your guests can eat the whole array
And, on leaving, you'll hear them say
'Floral nibbles! How enterprising!
Not only that but appetising!'
Take my word for it, no-one will quibble
When soothed by a Nasturtium Nibble!


Savannah, Chloe, & Tyler said...

What beautiful poems you've written. Happy Pink Saturday to you.

Michele said...

such lovely photos! happy pink saturday. xo