Sunday, November 6, 2011

O Men!

wanted us to write about 'omen' but I cheated a little


O men! You mean that other lot,
The ones with hairy chests,
The ones who drink a lot of beer
And haven't any breasts.
I met one once, and what a shock,
To see his different shape,
I realised right there and then
He was descended from an ape.
I believe there are a lot of them
Just walking up and down;
I even saw one yesterday
When I was in the town.
They are an endangered species,
Though they are unaware,
And very soon they'll disappear
In the same way as their hair.
We must be kind to the poor things,
And feed them now and again.
I'm thinking of keeping one as a pet.
I'm all for preserving men.


This is how children used to play
In the gadget-less days before today.
Before the twitchings of the thumb
Made all the made-up games seem dumb;
Before the technological age,
When children actually turned a page
To get imagination flying!
Now it comes to them without them trying!
Adventures are presented to them
Even though they misconstrue them.
Goggle-eyed they sit and stare
Curled up, motionless, in a chair!
But Lourie is a Mum who knows
The real adventures are still those
Which come from the individual child
Who is allowed to be quite 'wild'!
To pile up blankets on the floor
And then to jump and then to soar!
Be certain the thoughts that are in his mind
Are not of a technological kind.
What does he think as he flies through air?
Don't ask! That is his own affair!
When he's a man I'm sure he'll say
'I thank a mother who let me play.'


Kathe W. said...

delightful delightful- what a treat to read !

Bree's Place said...

I love this!!! Such truth in your words...

Kay L. Davies said...

My youngest brother is one of the men who should be preserved. He and his wife made a point of encouraging their children's imaginations. When they moved into town from her parents' farm, he built the children a tree house.
Julia is now 10 and Jonathan will be 8 next week. When I phoned recently, they were building a fort with the couch cushions. I've seen them watching TV a few times, but I've never seen either of them with a hand-held video game, or using a computer. They enjoy reading, but still want me to read to them when I'm there. They draw pictures, play outside, run with their dog, and ask lots of intelligent questions, and lots of silly ones, too. They have fun.