Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spring, the Sweet Spring



Spring, the sweet Spring
Is the year's pleasant king.......
Oh dear! Someone has said that before!
But the flowers and the sea
Whisper those words to me
And I wont think-up any more!

IF AT FIRST.......

'Try' is such an exhausting word!
And, without ability, it seems absurd!
Trying? Well it's rather trying!
So noble and so death-defying!
I've always taken the easiest way
Of getting through each coming day.
I've never strained, I've never striven!
My lack of spine can't be forgiven.
As soon as I dropped my very first ball
I said 'I don't want sport at all!'
As soon as I hit a faulty key.
I said 'The piano's not for me.'
When someone suggested mountain-climbing,
I said 'I think I'll stick to rhyming.'
The mantra that really suited me
Was ' Just enjoy what comes easily'.
You look at me, I know, askance,
Giving me a scornful glance.
'Only effort means a thing;
Effort can make a man a king!'
Oh I'd like to be a pianist,
Doing my best for Mr Liszt!
I'd like to win some lovely medals,
For turning wheels and pushing pedals!
But all the effort that goes before
Makes me wonder what it's for.
It's lovely for those who are spectators,
But tiring for participators!
My little 'gifts', to write, to act,
Have filled my life and that's a fact.
See the two snails up above!
There's one who certainly needs a shove;
He's 'tried' but he has still been beaten.
And even the winner will be eaten!


Martha Z said...

Lovely spring blooms in your world, I will "try' to be patient for spring to come to mine.

Al said...

Nice shots and poems. It's funny to read of spring as we're quickly heading into winter!

mick said...

Beautiful spring photo and I enjoyed your rhyme.