Friday, November 18, 2011

Back to Nature

asks us to go back to Nature.
I intended to be lyrical but................


I'd an urge to go back to nature
And to lie on the beach in the nude
For I'm still, in my mind, really girlish,
And I've never been much of a prude.
I'm here on a towel in the sunshine,
As the seagulls fly over the bay,
And I've, luckily,  got a whole beach to myself!
Why is everyone running away?


The conductor was feeling peevish; the orchestra members quailed
As he tossed his shoulder-length hair about and with his baton flailed.
'That last movement was a disaster! You sounded like old tin cans!
And conducting rubbish like you lot was never part of my plans.
The violins were squeaky, the oboes out of tune,
And I haven't words to describe the sound that came from the bass bassoon!
However, I've saved my final words for that fellow at the back
Who made me feel I were stretched-out on an agonising rack!
That's the trouble with you drummers, you're simply untrained hicks.
All you can do is mess about with two ridiculous sticks!'
The drummer, who'd had quite enough, stood up and said 'When you've done
Describing the fools with two sticks, take a look at the fool with ONE!'


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Tigerbrite said...

Well having come through all that I needed to do to make a comment I have forgotten what I was going to say.