Monday, November 28, 2011

Living in Hope

supplied the illustration


I'm having an operation!
After years of being loved,
Sat upon,
Bounced upon,
Lain upon.
Why! Reggie proposed to Gert
On me!
I was a 'focal point'.
In fact, and this still sustains me,
The colour-scheme of the whole room
Was built around me.
I can still remember that glow of pride
When I heard Mother say
'Of course,
The sofa's the focal point'.
I admit I felt somewhat hurt
When I was covered
With that hideous 'loose cover'!
I felt like a fat old lady
In a wide floral dress!
To add insult to injury,
It was blue, with brown splodges!
Me, with splodges!
And I was moved to the playroom!
I was still loved, though.
I remember Mary sobbing her heart out on me!
Silly girl!
Now I await the ambulance.
I'm to have an operation called
I expect I'll be as good as new when I recover!

A Simple ABC

There was a delightful young fella
Who had an enormous umbrella
If he met a nice girl
He would give it a twirl
And they'd both dance a wild tarantella!


Berowne said...

Another excellent rhyme from Rinkly. Sofa, so good. :-)

Old Raven said...

Rinky, your poems always invigorate!

izzy said...

Love the jaunt into loose coverings!
very nice take!

Suz said...

I that was a delightful story of a couch....

Martin said...

Oh dear, who's going to break it to the sofa?

Trellissimo said...

Operation for a sofa? Whatever next! LOL

Helen said...

Wonderful! If sofas could really talk ... maybe Disney could do an animated film???

JBinford-Bell said...

I love the quick pace and delightful tongue in cheek end to this poem.

Suko said...

Fun and humorous, without being cutesy! :)

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Wonderful fun and oh how I feel so sorry for the poor sofa - recycled (if only it knew)!

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

i like how this becomes a treatise i on recycling