Sunday, November 6, 2011


We are asked to write a
'One word title, seven lines, six syllables per line and each line starting with the starting letter of the title!'


So suddenly, the sun!
Shining on everyone.
Summer shines in our hearts.
Surprisingly it starts.
Satisfying laughter;
Smiles keep coming after.
Serendipity. Yes!
(How's that for Happiness?)


The language of Americans; that old Americanese!
They seem to think it charms the very leaves down off the trees!
Even I've learnt to say 'O.K.' though I haven't stooped to 'guy',
I hang-on to my Britishness! Yes, I really try!
Now I think the old word 'Autumn' is the one of the best around;
Say it and one sees the golden leaves down on the ground.
But 'Fall' is even lovelier! Just listen to it!.....'Fall'.
Somehow in just one syllable that little word says it all.
See the trees as they dwindle down, 'falling' into decay!
See the old nests crumbling as the birds all fly away!
See the greenery fading and merging with the earth!
Feel the 'falling' spirits; melancholy and not mirth.
If I said 'Fall' in Australia I'd be considered strange;
Our language is from the Old Country and we're not inclined to change!
In any case, it's Spring here! That nobody denies.
Some people may be 'falling' but we are on the rise!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Your Pleiades poem is filled with joie de vivre! Lovely for those of us in the southern hemisphere :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful, both of them. Kerry is right about your Pleiades poem. It sings of happiness!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Anonymous said...

You make the Pleiades one seem so effortless! Bravo!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Yep! Happy as can be! Nice to read today!

siggiofmaine said...

I enjoyed your one person said it seems effortless.
The joy of your poem makes me feel that it is something I can accomplish,
...knowing it will not be effortless, but an accomplishment.

Thank you very much.
Siggi in Maine

Jinksy said...

Serendipity is one of my favourite words...♥

Marian said...

AND yours RHYMES. yippee!

Lillian Susan Thomas said...

really nice poem, this form was much harder than it looked at first. kudos to everyone, not just in the form but really good poems!