Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Four Sisters

supplied the words in blue.


'How stoical!' my companion said
As we stood beside the grave,
'How filial and how honourable;
How noble and how brave!'
The sisters, Maude and Verity,
Agnes and Veronique,
Had nursed their father for fifteen years,
When he was frail and weak.
He was an evil-tempered man;
Watching them like a hawk;
Telling them what to eat and drink,
Telling them how to talk.
They stood, the picture of misery,
Beside the shallow grave,
And many a fellow mourner
Echoed the words 'How brave!'
Maude had spoken in the church,
As though their father were a king.
Was I the only person there
Who heard a voice with a hollow ring?
Of course, as an apothecary,
Things were plain as they could be;
After all, Miss Agnes
Had bought the poison from me.
She's a handsome woman, Miss Agnes,
And now she's rich as well.
It's lucky that I know secrets
 That I shall never tell.
Tomorrow I'll court Miss Agnes;
How happy we will be!
But I'll be keeping the poisons
Under lock and key!


Value...... a variable word.
For decades Aboriginal art was valueless.
It was stumbled across by intrepid travellers
Who deemed it worthless,
And inconsequential.
Then it was discovered!
Now it fetches millions
In trumped-up Art Galleries worldwide!
It is copied.
But no forger can ever imbue the art
With stories,
Family references,
A feeling of 'place'.
No copy 'sings'.
It belongs to the Aborigines.
I hope


Margaret Gosden said...

Isn't it interesting that much 'great' art is imbued with
meaning behind the images presented, as found in
aboriginal art! Knowing how to read art as well as
look at it really adds to the appreciation! I like this post!

Chris said...

Nice narration, it seems there is more to the story :-)

christopher said...

*snicker* you retell an old tale. It could be made for telly, don't you think? You could tell another story of the apothecary himself and him getting into position to marry Agnes, and reveal this one as the back story...

When you get really rich from this, remember who gave you the idea...


Sheilagh Lee said...

truly excellent both of this. the story of the poison sisters and then the aboriginal art.

Mary B. Mansfield said...

I enjoyed both of these very much. Great job!

MaryA said...

You have created quite a picture here. Well done.