Sunday, November 20, 2011



Before the pink curtain rises, and before the lights are dimmed,
Before the restive audience is still,
There's time to admire the theatre and the backs of peoples' heads,
And ponder what will be on the evening's bill.
Time to chat to a neighbour, just to pass the time of day,
And to wave at someone that you hardly know!
And then the music strikes up and the gaudy curtains part,
And it's time to sit back and enjoy the show.


If  I could only change one thing it would be........
Man's reliance on religion.
Many will consider that
I am advocating
That our lives become a quagmire of
On the contrary.
Most humanists I know
Are mild, genial people,
Far removed from
The Wicked,
Who are supposed to end up in Hell!
They are just as likely
To befriend a stranger,
As someone from their own clan.
They think so little of
Organised religion
That they are prepared to
'Live and Let Live'.
Analyse that phrase
And realise that it encompasses
The most beautiful word in the English language.
Without a Hereafter
This world is all we have.
Because that is all there is.
The rest is fable.

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Margaret Gosden said...

Prelude - a fascinating photo - at first a sense of looking down on the pink above the rail, then
across looking below the rail. Reminded me also
of going to a theatre on board a ship....