Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Red Shirt

                             Brenda Bryant


Hey little Red Shirt! Hold your hat!
Dance in the summer sun.
Why catch bubbles when they go 'Splat!'
'I catch them because it's fun!
They land on my nose or on my head;
I carol my songs of glee.
Big Brother catches the biggest ones,
But some are meant for me.
See that big one up ahead.
That's mine I'll be bound.
So high, so light, so magical
And perfectly, perfectly round.'

A Simple Alphabet
Letter 'D'.


There was a young lady from Dorking......
When she spoke it was like a duck squawking
People covered their ears
Or burst into tears
Saying 'Why don't you talk proper talking?'

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bj said...

So so cute...
Come over for my giveaway..maybe you'll be lucky.
xo bj