Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Frantastics

A photo from Pam, third from right, standing.



There's a little place called Woy Woy;
It's down on the Central Coast.
Next time you have a glass of wine
Make sure you raise a toast
To a choir called The Frantastics,
You see them up above.
They sing a selection of well-known songs
That you are sure to love.
If ever you're in Sydney,
Look on the map and see
That Woy  Woy isn't far away;
It's in close proximity.
Don't waste your time on the Harbour Bridge,
The Opera House and such;
You'll find, if you come to Woy Woy,
That you'll like it very much.
And, if you stroll the pleasant streets,
Idly walking along,
You may hear the Frantastics,
Delighting you with a song.


Algernon sat down to dine and he was licking his lips
Thinking of the lobster he would eat (along with chips).
The waiter arrived with the lobster, held high on a silver dish.
For sure this meal was going to be as succulent as one could wish!
But when it was placed before him, just look what Algernon saw!
The wretched lobster lay there displaying just one claw!
'Bring the cook!' said Algernon, seeing the amputation;
This lobster only has one claw! I want an explanation!'
The cook appeared, with a harrassed look, and said 'You are quite right.
This lobster only has one claw! It must have been in a fight!'
Then Algernon lost his temper! 'I don't call that a dinner!
Bring me the other lobster! I want to eat the winner!'


Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Cute photo and clever rhymes.

Darryl and Ruth :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Algernon got lobster that day ;-)
Have a nice weekend!