Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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Amid the recent jollity of a happy Halloween,
With all the laughing children having fun,
With the pumpkins and the witches and the skeletons and ghosts,
And the parties where it's fun for everyone......
I think we should remember other children in the world
Who are living in such awful situations,
Where parents sew their lips together, or go on hunger strikes,
Taking part in almost hopeless demonstrations.
'We are the world' we used to sing, but is that really true?
Did the lyrics ever capture the duality?
This pumpkin is a symbol of the 'us' and of the 'them',
Our world or theirs? And which is the reality?


Any minute now Scarlett O'Hara will appear
Standing in a crinoline on the very topmost stair,
And she'll walk down very slowly holding her skirts just so,
And Rhett Butler will be waiting, standing there.
We know it's going to end in tears for it does so all the time;
Down the decades on the screen they've acted so.
But we always hope that this time he will take her in his arms!
And he wont turn on his heel and simply go.
But 'I don't give a damn!' he'll say, with a look of utter scorn;
He's said those words so many times before.
And she'll look with disbelief as he declares that he is through,
And she sees him stride away from her front door.
What a silly, flighty girl she was, though pretty as a rose;
She was heartless and she gave herself such airs,
But she's always in my mind, standing on the topmost step,
Whenever I see a lovely flight of stairs.


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Bubba said...

A sobering reminder for us, amidst our celebrating, not to forget those less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks for once again playing along with my Monday Morning Photo Prompt!