Sunday, November 27, 2011

Those Days Are Gone

My ideal at the time.

asks us to use the opening lines of the song
 'All By Myself'.

'When I was young, I never needed anyone, And making love was just for  fun, Those days are gone.'


When I was young, say, in my teens,
Young girls were still just in-betweens;
Children one minute, wives the next;
'Marry early' was the text.
Ideally, just a year or two
Separated childhood from 'I do'.
And making love for fun was not
Part of the British social plot.
I never needed anyone
To say 'Stop that! Stop having fun!'
Because it all seemed very normal
To be a little stiff and formal,
And parents kept an eagle-eye.
(Later on I discovered why!)
That was just how the mating game
Was played back then. All rather tame!
Of course, 'that tarty Peg', with Fred,
Carried on behind the shed,
But they were just an awful warning....
'Would he still love her in the morning'?
How times have changed; those days are gone.
The world has a way of travelling on.
The pendulum has swung, I fear
Too far away from yesteryear.
'Anything goes' is the clarion call......
And that means anything at all!
A happy medium's what is needed.....
(I bet my words will not be heeded!)

A Simple Alphabet

There was a young lady from Putney
Who loved to eat pies laced with chutney!
She ate pies by the score
And then bleated for more
And the people accused her of glutney.


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Nicely done. Good use of the prompt.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your take on the prompt ... and your limerick! Thank you for sharing!