Friday, November 4, 2011

Between the Hours

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Would this blurb encourage you to buy this book?

Sebastian Clinch

Claire remembers the trees.
Their shade was so welcome on a hot summer's day.
Outside Mrs Clancy's house.
But what had she to do with Mrs Clancy?
That was yesterday.
Yet now the Autumn wind blows chill
And the leaves have fallen.
And Mrs Clancy is dead.
'Where were you between the hours....'
Surely this question is not being directed at her!
How can Claire prove her innocence
When she does not know the answer?
Gradually, her memory returns.
The car stopping,
The man with the orange hair,
The loud-speaker in the street,
The strange smell,
Mrs Clancy laughing.
But how can she convince the Police
That she is not making it all up as she goes along?
 Claire will remember things she would much prefer to forget....
Such as the china toad..............
Never before has loss-of-memory been so vividly described.
Never before has the tension of  'the chase' been so well expressed.
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Finally, why was this photograph of Mrs Clancy in Claire's hand?
The Amnesiacs' Almanac ; letters to the editor; 'I really enjoyed this book but I can't remember why.' 


When designers sit down at their draft-boards
Designing some humdrum affair
Like the bus-shelters seen in my picture,
(So common they're seen everywhere)
Do they ever consider the shadows
That are thrown on the ground by the light,
Saying ' Let's run this through the computer
To see if the shadows are right.'
Are the beautiful curves on the pavement,
Which rarely get one second glance,
The result of some clever designing
Or something that happens by chance?


Anonymous said...

Book blurb compellingly chilling. I like the 'Where were you between the hours?' It makes a good title.

Lynn said...

Loved this blurb. What a hoot. I'd definitely buy the book... if I could remember to!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, my gosh, you are a riot. I love this all, every bit. Who is that picture of? I hope it was somebody's Halloween get-up, lol!

I love your observations on the bus shelter too ... shadow shots really do help us to see another perspective, don't they?

Thanks for stopping by to see me.

Kathy M.

Tammy said...

Ditto what everyone else said. It's so good, I'm sort of speechless. Those details alone are just so tantalizing, like rapid-fire movie scenes. The orange hair? The strange smell?! I must read this. Oh, and your shadow poem is amazing, too.

Kay L. Davies said...

I would like to think the architects had shadows in mind when they designed the bus shelters. Certainly not a common sight on this side of the world, that lovely tropical shape.
And your book blurb, Brenda, is fabulous. That photo, oh, that poor woman, oh my goodness. Too funny.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Your blurb is a delightful array of pull-me-in hooks, with that end photo the creepy exclamation point! I'd read it for sure. Love mysteries, and this has plenty.

So much beauty around us occurs by chance. God's gift to us daily, I suppose, even when we're not paying attention.