Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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A Haiku


On the podium
Standing bronzed in the sun.
The best......just for now.



I always thought the beauty of stained glass
Lay in the glorious shades of red and blue;
The tints through which the sunshine has to pass;
The reds and yellows and the emeraldss too.
I always thought that colour was the key
To the beauty of the patterns on display.
The rich reflections stretched for all to see
Across the carpets, ray on coloured ray.
But when we take the colour from the view
The patterning is very clearly shown.
The delicate geometry shines through
When design takes centre-stage all on its own.


Other Mary said...

Oh, absolutely love the Grindly Witch! What fun - and reminds me a bit of Grindle, the Beowulf monster,lol.

Terror - amazing, but completely different, of course. What a compelling recount of your childhood experience. So much going on there, and your last line keeps it from being the sappy happy ending...for war never is. I Really like this one.

Anonymous said...

Your Haiku is a nice take on the prompt ... and I love stain glass ... such beauty and intricate work!

Anonymous said...

it's true, they are the best for that moment, then next time, someone else might be the best.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Ah; thought provoking! Sometimes 15 minutes of fame are enough though, yes?

Well done!